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GradLock is a secondary stage endeavor to VocabuWord....

 ....and will be a monetary incentive & vesting feature payable to those who achieve high school graduation. Though the idea sprang from more than 20 years working with highly-at-risk, low-income students in the Watts community of South Los Angeles, (see it will be available to all students. 

Given that high school students living in low-income families drop out of school at six times the rate of their peers from high-income families,1GradLock is structured to incentivize low-income students to work for, plan and attain their high school diploma. 

GradLock is a cousin to the Learn & Earn component offered through and is a secondary initiative to the successful launch of VocabuWord.It will be offered through,, and



 1. / (U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, 2004)

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